Original Medicare (Parts A and B) vs. VA Healthcare

  • Original Medicare (Parts A and B) and VA healthcare are separate programs through the federal government.
  • Original Medicare provides coverage at non-VA facilities that accept Medicare.
  • VA healthcare covers care at VA facilities and for VA-contracted providers.
  • VA healthcare and Medicare coverage do not overlap.


Benefits of having a Medicare Advantage Plan and a VA Healthcare Plan

  • Medicare Advantage (MA) and VA Healthcare offer separate benefits. With both, you may have more coverage and care options.
  • Enrolling in a MA plan will not take away your VA healthcare.
  • A VA health plan covers services at VA facilities, while MA plans may cover non-VA care—including emergency services.
  • MA plans enable Veterans to seek a second opinion outside the VA and to have more choices of doctors which may be more convenient to get to.

Medicare Advantage plans may offer extra benefits, such as:






Fitness Memberships

Over the Counter Benefits

Meals Delivered after Hospital Stays

Chiropratice Care

Part B Premium Reduction

TRICARE for Life and CHAMPVA can be used with Medicare Advantage plans. The main considerations in using both are using network doctors and differences in billing. Contact us for more information.

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